2022 Amendment 7 Give Away!

Thank you for your concern about the striped bass fishery!

You can find all the information you need about writing a letter in these posts:

I've made an even simpler email that you can copy:

If you copy this email, you must change just a few small parts to make it your own. Otherwise, it may not be counted as heavily. I have highlighted in red several parts you can change easily- it’ll take less than 3 minutes.

Here is the Prize Package (photo at the end of the post)!

To enter the give-away you must do ALL of the following:

To enter the give-away you must do ALL the below:

1. Your letter must include a selection for each of the proposed tiers. If you want an example, again, you can look at my letter or ASGA guidance, which are at the end of this post. You can also just copy and paste my choices into an email, or use my entire letter (from above).

2. Make sure to send your comments to the ASMFC at BY APRIL 15TH

3. YOU MUST CC/BCC the email address:

4. If you already sent your comments to the ASMFC, just forward them to this address.

5. If you sent your comments to me already, you MUST resend them to this address.

6. I will not read your email. Do not address me personally, or ask me any questions, at that email address: I will not read them. I will simply use them to pick the winner. If you have a question for me, send it to my In Deep email.

I’ll use a random number generator based on the total number of emails, pick a winner, then just confirm you actually sent an email to the ASMFC (and not just to me).

I’ll contact you for a shipping address on April 16th.

Want more information on Amendment 7? The ASGA has as much as you’ll ever want:

Here are my choices again.


Tier 1

Option A- Support A1

Option B- Support B1

Option C- Support C1

Tier 2

Option A- Support A2

Option B- Support B1

Option C- Support C1

Tier 3

Option A- Support A3

Option B- Support B2

Tier 4

Support A


Option B- Support no measure

Option C- Support C1, C2

Option D- Support D1


Support B


Support B


Option B- Support B1-a

Option C- Support C3

Option D- Support D3

Option E- Support E2

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Congratulations to Mike Sjoholm for being randomly selected to win the prize-package for the Amendment 7 give away. Thank you to everyone who sent in your letters, and also who entered the give away.