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Hello Fisherman!

I have an amazing plug give-away set-up for my email list, blog, and social followers!

The plugs are:

Parrot Afterhours 2oz Stubby Needle

White Afterhours A52

Green/White Russ Andersen Popper

Mackerel Super Strike Zig-Zag Darter

White Big Fish Co. Pencil Popper

Package of 9” Slug-gos

Tsunami Timber Lure 2.5oz Danny

Westin Swim SW Glidebait

How do you win? Read Below!

As you likely know, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) recently put out a public information document (PID) soliciting comments from the public about the management of striped bass. Specifically, on how amendment 7 should be structured, and what the priorities of the fishery should be. There were a number of specific topics covered, including what biological markers should be used to manage the fishery and dictate harvest, how quickly to rebuild the fishery, and how the public perceived, and their opinions about, conservation equivalency.

You can find the PID here: http://www.asmfc.org/uploads/file/601d80aeStripedBassAm7PID_PublicComment_Feb2021.pdf

As you may or may not know, the striped bass is over fished and overfishing is occurring. This

was determined in 2019 and as a result, a new slot regulation was implemented (mostly) coast-wide. This slot size regulation is intended to rebuild the fishery within the 10-year timeframe dictated by the commission (though by their own admission, it will likely take longer).

I know many surfcasters have seen a decline in the fishery. Now is the time to end the downward trend.

Your opinion matters. We need everyone’s help in managing this fishery. Part of this is writing an email to the ASMFC stating how you feel about the fishery, what you want from it, and specifically your thoughts on what you want it to look like in the future.

You can submit comments to the ASMFC via this email: comments@asmfc.org

Subject line: Striped Bass PID

I’m encouraging you to get involved. For everyone that writes to the ASFMC, I am offering a chance to win the plugs above.

All you have to do to win the plugs is either bcc me on your comments when you send them to the ASMFC, forward them to me if you’ve already sent them, send me your confirmation email that shows you sent a comment, or send me a screen shot by April 9th to: 2021striperPID@gmail.com

The grand prize winner will win the first three plugs (Afterhours and Russ Anderson), and the runner up will get the second three (Slug-gos, Tsunami Danny, Westin Glider), and third place will be two additional plugs recently added (big fish co popper, super strike darter). Wood plugs are unused but may have marks, as they were show purchases and not in packaging.

I don’t care what you write, I don’t care about your position. All I want is for you to be engaged. You can even blank out your comments and send a screen shot if you would like.

ANYONE can enter. Forward this to your friends, or send them to my Instagram or Facebook page!

I will make the random drawing for a winner on April 12th.

The Afterhours plugs and Russ Anderson popper are graciously donated by Roger Rosenthal. He is a dedicated fisherman who just wants people to get involved. However, Roger is also currently writing a book on fishing on Long Island, and you should keep your eye out for that coming relatively soon.

Mackerel Super Strike and Big Fish Co Pencil graciously donated by James Jewkes. He is also a dedicated surf fisherman who is very actively engaged with the conservation of the Striped Bass. All he wants is for you to write your letter!

If you have any questions, about the hearings, the PID, or the giveaway, feel free to contact me by replying to this email.

Thank you so very much for doing your part!



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