Tools of the Trade "Essentials" Live NOW!

Todays video is super important, if not the most exciting in the entire world. I think many fisherman do not consider the details enough, and often times it's those details that determine the difference between someone who lands a 50#er, and those that have yet another story of a big fish getting off the line.

This was further solidified in my mind last night as I was reading "Surfcasting Around the Block" by Dennis Zambrotta. He talks of one of his friends who would get so nervous he wouldn't be able to land big fish- it happened over and over and over. I've written about this concept- mental fortitude ("Zen and Landing Big Fish" The Fisherman, February 2020)- and I think this is one great example of a detail anglers don't take seriously enough- are you going to be able to stay calm? Can you safely and easily land the fish?

Anyways, along these same lines, the split ring is probably the most neglected piece of equipment in the surfcasters arsenal. Ask yourself- have you even swapped a split ring before? Do you even have any right now to replace damaged ones? Do you know the brands that you like? I bet the answer for so many of you, no, and no.

Snaps and leader are less of a big deal. In my opinion, there are great options for both of these things from a spectrum of brands. Use what works for you.


The fish are back in New England finally- and I'm going to be faced with a snow storm tonight! I might try and get out in the morning to take some photos in the snow...but then again I might be too depressed. But Sunday is looking to be 60 and sunny, so I'll just "hold my breath" and look to next week. I'm fairly certain my first surf fish will be caught in the next 7 days...but not being able to fish Rhode Island is going to really hurt me this spring (out of state anglers are now not allowed to fish in Rhode Island, as far as I am aware based on the most recent information from DEP).

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