Tools of the Trade: A Surf Fishing Series. Video #1, Darters

Well, we're all shut in right now with an unprecedented pandemic. I, for one, have found it very upsetting, distracting, and nerve wracking. It's ground my productivity to a halt, and I'm out of work at my part time job indefinitely. It's been a lot to take in so quickly.

However, I am trying to use this break to do things I have wanted to accomplish for some time but have either not had the time, energy, or have been too distracted by other things (ahem, fishing, ahem, running). This video series is one of them, and it's directly a result of the seminars I have done so far in 2020. It's something I've been ruminating on for years, and I finally feel now is the time.

This series is designed to give you a glimpse into the lures (and associated tackle) I use while pursuing Striped Bass in the New England Surf. This series is not intended to be all encompassing, or even really instructional; that series might come later (although, that would be giving a way a lot that I would like to save for written pieces). Rather, I often get asked what precise brands, builders, colors, and sizes of plugs I use within each category. This series is going to answer those questions as of 2020. However, as usual, I do add in a lot of information about how and why I fish each plug (I just can't help myself).

I started out with a full 40-minute video on the plugs I use all the time- my "Go-To's" and it occurred to me that it was a lot of information all at once, and it was too general in scope to be helpful...and probably too long to sit through all at once. Therefore, I've decided to break this series down into at least a fifteen videos. Right now I have a list of 18, and I just thought of potentially the most important one as I was typing this.

However, if you want something specific, something in particular, send me a message in Instagram, Facebook, or as an email at

Stay health and safe and try to be calm in these anxious times. The schoolies will likely be in Rhode Island in a month, maybe even less this season...