Pencil Poppahs & Announcement of a New Series

I have good news, and I have bad news. The Good news is that the new video is live, and I do think it'll be informative and helpful for some of you. The bad news is, this series is coming towards the end. I think there will only be about 5-6 more videos in this series, for now, before I switch to a different series. Also, starting June 2nd, I'll only be posting 1 video a week, as I just can't keep up with all my work and this series AND fishing 25-45 hours a weeks. If you've got requests, now is the time to get them in.

That being said, I'm going to continue to grow this series on a "when I think of something" basis.

I also came up with a new written series that will launch on June 4th. For 10 days, I will be writing a short story every day- which will only be available here- about something that has happened that night, or the night before, that encompasses the experience that is surf fishing. These will almost certainly include some information about the fishing, but I want to try and branch out from a "report" like post, and capture more about what this crazy pastime is about. I have no plan for these stories; they will be authentically in the moment posts. This series will provide a glimpse into what the "height" of the season looks like for me, and I hope that I can relay the beauty, excitement, hard work, and struggle that is Surf Fishing in 2020. So look for that coming soon.

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