Video is live, for your viewing pleasure

Well, the good news is that I've come up with about 8 more videos to complete this series. Every time I think it'll be ending, I think of more things to talk about. So who knows, this could have a dozen or more by the time I move to the next series. I really want to start talking about fly fishing though!

This will probably be the last of the plug videos; it'll all be gear after this. Specific pieces of "kit" that I find important, which aren't specific to one form of surf fishing or another (so, these things will not be limited to wet suiting, or eeling, or boulder fields, or something like that). This video is a compilation of all the plugs that don't fit into other categories, but I still use at least semi-regularly. It's not everything, but it does show you a few interesting plugs. I actually think the best thing about this video is I hit on a couple of specific scenarios that require specialized tackle; even if you don't use exactly what I use, you can still get an idea of how I take on some specific challenges.

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