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Winners in the Plug Give-away!

Grand Prize (Afterhours Stubby Needle & A52 + Russ Anderson Popper): Steven Reardon

Second Prize (Westin Swim SW, Tsunami Danny, Lunker City Slug-gos): Eric Birmingham

Third Prize (Big Fish Co. Pencil, Super Strike Darter): Peter Leary

I will be contacting you directly in the next 24-hours, or you can contact me at indeepoutdoorsmedia@gmail.com

Thank you to everyone who participated. We had 122 people enter, most of which had not written their comments until after this was announced.

Again, thank you to Roger Rosenthal and James Jewkes for contributing to this raffle. They did so without any request for anything in return. JUST to help get the word out, and get letters sent.

Using random number generator from Google, I used the number given to pick starting from the first person to comment. So, 79 would be the 79th person to send in their email. There were a couple duplicates that were taken out, and if you emailed me at the wrong address, I forwarded the email to the 2021striperPID@gmail.com and you were entered. The numbers drawn were 94, 70, and 3.


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