The series is now concluded, look for a new series in 2022! 

The Details

Each session will include:

  • Formal Instruction: 90-minutes

  • Questions and Group Discussion: minimum 15-to-30-minutes

  • New in 2022: a product I had great success with in 2022, along with my experience with said product

  • External Resource: Discussion of a resource that has helped me get to where I am as a surfcaster

  • Entertaining Story: one of my surfcasting stories related to the topic, one that I think is engaging, funny, frightening, etc.

  • One Week to Re-watch the FULL Recorded Session: For those who sign up for all sessions, you will be able to watch a recorded session for up to 1-week after the live discussion- can't make the live session that week? No need! You have full access to the entire recording.

I will be using a multimedia approach. All sessions will use the Zoom platform. Each session will include a combination of media, lecturing, and discussion. This will include PowerPoint, Google Earth, Video, Photoshop, Zoom, and I'll be doing live video "Show-and-Tell" related to gear, lures, and equipment.


This series is designed to help YOU. I want to answer all those questions- big and small- you've been wondering about how to be successful and have fun as a surfcaster. If I don't know the answer, I will not give you any phony-bologna: I will ask others I trust who are experts related to your question, and get back to the group.

Refund for all unused sessions at any time if you are not satisfied!

There will also be LIVE interviews, in conjunction with "Surf Scenarios," where I will conduct in-depth interviews with five of the best surfcasters alive today!