Video Summaries of Topics


All seminars will occur on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm EST unless otherwise noted

Some schedule changes as of January 6th. Please review below. Ignore video titles: the text is correct.

13-Week Interactive Educational Series

1) December 16th: "Outflows: What, Why, When, and How"

Tactics and techniques to help make you more effective while fishing of one of the most consistent pieces of surf structure

2) January 6th: "Gliding, Jerking, and Drifting"

An examination of three plug and fly presentations that are both extremely misunderstood and critically important

3) January 27th: "So You Want to Wetsuit"

A guide to getting started, being more effective, or maximizing your use of the wetsuit as a fishing tool

4) February 3rd: "Fly Fishing for the Surfcaster"

How to get started fly fishing the surf- day and night- and what every angler can learn from fly casting even if they think the fly rod is foolish

5) February 10th: "Data Driven"

Satellite maps, nautical charts, fishing logs, and fishing reports: making the most of critical data

6) February 24: "Stop Suffering on the Sand"

How to attack sand beaches: techniques, tactics, philosophy, and gear to help you be more effective on the sand, from Maine to North Carolina

7) March 3rd: "A Deep Dive into Where-When-How-and-Why"

How to integrate all the variables each night to dictate your decisions and catch more fish: choosing where to fish, when to fish, and what to fish with.


8) March 10th: "The Whole Season is just 15 Days"

Identifying the three most important moons of the season and how to break them down. Plus, why you should be paying more attention to the moon phases all season long.

9) March 17th: "Longer and More Fun"

Extending your fishing into the "shoulder" season. How early, how late, how to. Plus, when to transition from schoolies to trophy hunting, and back again. Specifically Focusing on April, May, and November for New England Anglers (and extrapolating from there South and North)

10) March 31: "Current is King"/ BONUS "Fight the Good Fight"

"Macro vs. Micro Currents: five real life examples broken down and how small changes in current can make a bite...and how to apply this to your own spots.

Bonus: Peter Jenkins of the American Saltwater Guide Association will discuss the state of Striped Bass and how you can get involved

11) April 14: "Surf Rodeo"

Rough stuff in the fall: How to make the most of hurricanes and nor'easters in September and October


12) April 28th: "Personal Best"

The big fish talk: philosophy, expectations, preparation, ethics, tactics, most important on-shore factors, and essential gear to land fish over 35-pounds.

13) May 12th: "Fantastic Four Factors"Series Closing Discussion +

Series Raffle

Presentation, Profile, Action, and Color. Understanding your plugs and when, where and how long to use them. Tools of the trade "next level" discussion

Topics to Be Discussed

Guest Interviews

These will be in-depth interviews which will go far beyond just tactical or technical information. We will be delving into the lives and personalities of these astounding anglers. Why surfcast? What is it that calls you into the surf? What does it take to be the very best? Ask the questions you've never had a chance to ask, LIVE from your couch.

Here are just some of the topics we'll discuss

1/13: Dave Anderson- Canal vs. Surf (Brothers in Arms), Plug Building: perspectives of a surf scholar, Fishing with your Gut, and Examination of Obsession

2/17: Tom KosinskiNew Jersey vs. New England: A Sand Beach Face-off, Do Boat Fish Really Not Count?, Sight Fishing Fanaticism, Why Even Bother Fly Fishing

3/24:  Jimmy Fee- Applying a Multi-species Approach to the Surf, The Cape Wilderness, Swimbaits in the surf?, and Planning, Balancing, and Actualizing on Your Season

4/7: Tim Regan- Insane Drone Footage we have to discuss, Tackling the Endless South Shore Beaches of Long Island, Sand Flea Flies and Jigs,  Creek and Estuary Menagerie, and Open Beach Plugging vs. Fly Rodding

5/5: Toby Lapinski- Needlefish: The Baton of Glory, Trophy Hunting Finesse, Bunker Busting Bad Ass, and Stories from the Best of Days to Blow Your Mind

As with the instructional seminars, everyone who signs up for the series will have a week to watch a recorded session.

Thank you to the Saltwater Edge for supporting this series

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The series is now concluded, look for a new series in late 2021! 

You can contact me for details




The Details

Each session will include:

  • Formal Instruction: 40-to-45-minutes

  • Questions and Group Discussion: minimum 15-to-20-minutes (or more instruction- every session will be an hour minimum)

  • Product Spotlight: something I think is particularly important or related to the seminar

  • External Resource: Discussion of a resource that has helped me get to where I am as a surfcaster

  • Entertaining Story: one of my surfcasting stories related to the topic, one that I think is engaging, funny, frightening, etc.

  • One Week to Re-watch the FULL Recorded Session: For those who sign up for all sessions, you will be able to watch a recorded session for up to 1-week after the live discussion- so don't worry if you miss a couple

  • Raffle: Sign up for the full series and you will be entered into a raffle for some great prizes!

I will be using a multimedia approach. All sessions will use the Zoom platform. Each session will include a combination of media, lecturing, and discussion. This will include PowerPoint, Google Earth, Video, Photoshop, Zoom, and I'll be doing live video "Show-and-Tell" related to gear, lures, and equipment.


This series is designed to help YOU. I want to answer all those questions- big and small- you've been wondering about how to be successful and have fun as a surfcaster. If I don't know the answer, I will not give you any phony-bologna: I will ask others I trust who are experts related to your question, and get back to the group.

Refund for all unused sessions at any time if you are not satisfied!

There will also be LIVE interviews, in conjunction with "Surf Scenarios," where I will conduct in-depth interviews with five of the best surfcasters alive today!

Dave Anderson, Toby Lapinski, Tom Kosinski, Tim Regan, and Jimmy Fee.