Up Early, Out Late

I am many things; I do many things.

I share these things.

I  swim in the ocean at night, toiling with giants that snap your line and test your nerve. I have run in the mountains for more hours than there is sunlight in the day...and then kept going. I make flies that catch fish that ruin lives. I hold an award-winning Doctoral degree; have worked with mice, military working dogs, cells, cancer patients, and so many other things in-between. I can tap dance, poorly, and have built a race car. I'll take the jump on my mountain bike, but I'd rather race you to the top of the mountain. I am from the country, have lived in the city, and survived the suburbs. I am drawn to the interesting; to the exceptional; to the strange.

I want to experience more. 

I want to experience it all.

Then, I want to share it with you.

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