January 5th Current
January 12th Advanced Bait Behavior
January 26th Toby Lapinski
February 2nd Sand Beaches
February 9th Boulder Fields
February 23rd Al Albano
March 2nd Advanced Plugology
March 16th Dennis Zambrotta
March 23rd MORE Trophy Fish
April 6th Craig Cantelmo
 The series is now closed for 2022. Look for the series to return in January of 2023! Contact me with questions or comments at


2022 Topic Details

January 5th:  Understanding and Utilizing Current in All Environments

Understanding how current interacts with structure, prey, and predators is one of the core foundations of being a good surfcaster. No matter where you fish, it is vitally important to be able to identify, understand, and utilize current. This is the reason this will be the very first talk of the series.

January 12th Advanced Topics in Bait Behavior and Plug Presentation

There are many misconceptions about bait behavior, and what attracts striped bass both investigate a feeding opportunity and strike at a potential meal. In this talk, I will be discussing both the basics and advanced concepts in understanding how all kinds of aquatic animals move through their environment and how we can present our plugs and flies in the same manner. This was the most popular discussion from 2021 surf scenarios!

January 26th Interview with Toby Lapinski

Back from 2021 due to popular demand! Toby is the former editor of The Fisherman Magazine (New England), current digital editor of Fishing Tackle Retailer, and author of 100's (if not over 1000) articles on surfcasting for Striped Bass. Toby is one of the very best anglers in the entire North East, and has been surf fishing for nearly 40 years. If nothing else, you have GOT to hear Toby’s insane way of drifting chunks!

February 2nd A Deep-Dive into Fishing Sand Beaches

Let’s take a really hard look at how you can be more effective fishing from sand beaches. We’ll discuss everything from bait and structure, to weather and tides, to gear and plugs. There will be a whole lot of annotation (drawings) in this one, and we’ll utilize satellite maps as well. This talk has been updated from 2021, and will include a litany of new information not included in last year’s discussion. I spent more time on the sand this year than anywhere else, and so have many fresh thoughts on this very common surf structure!

February 9th Become more Effective in Boulder Fields: the Structure of Most Opportunity

I enjoy fishing boulder fields more than anywhere else. These can be found just about everywhere on the coast, and are one of the most fun- and difficult- places to fish for stripers. This will go far beyond my normal talk I have done for clubs in the past, and we’ll take a deep dive into what makes these places so productive, and how you can take advantage- 90% of my 40-pound-plus fish have come in boulder fields!

February 23rd Interview with Al Albano

 Al is our next interview. Al is the long-time columnist for Surfcaster's Journal, having graced the pages of the magazine from the essentially the very beginning more than 10 years ago! He has written many, many articles and has given seminars up and down the coast at clubs and shows. He’s an old-school angler with a lot of experience and very unique perspective on a lot of things. Al will tell you exactly what he thinks, and we’re going to talk about it all!

March 2nd Advanced Topics in Plugology: A Deeper Understanding of Your Arsenal

So you have a giant bag of plugs, because you read you needed them all, or saw my YouTube videos. Now what? How do you fill the bag each night, with limited space? How do you work all those plugs? How do you decide what to pull out, rotate through, and how long to fish with each? How can you carry as little as possible, and still be ready for anything? That is, what plugs offer the most “bang for the buck?” Think there are things you’re missing, or ways to use plugs you’re missing? Are there really plugs that work ALL the time? This is the talk to cover all that and more. We’ll focus on my four pillars- presentation, profile, action, and color- but we’re going to add in more specific discussion about the water column, “matching the hatch”, and lots of other points this year.

March 16th Interview with Dennis Zambrotta

“DZ” is a Rhode Island legend. Author of many, many articles and the very popular book Fishing Around the Block, Dennis has been fishing in the surf for 60-years. He is a wealth of surfcasting history, and very active in the current surf fishing world. Dennis has so may great stories, and lots of good tips for fishing Block Island specifically. I met Dennis in 2017, and I was immediately struck with how thoughtful and insightful he was. He is fascinating to listen to, and I’m excited to ask him all kinds of questions- and get his take on the current state of the sport.

March 23rd Understanding, Targeting, and Catching MORE Trophy Fish

So you want to catch more fish over 30-pounds? This is the talk for you. We’ll cover the important things- what, when, and how- but we’ll go A LOT deeper, too. We’re going to look at the characteristics of a successful trophy hunter- personality traits, life style, everything! I’ll use myself as an example of not only what to do, but what NOT to do- giving you a really authentic look at my weaknesses, so you may learn from them. Honesty is the name of the game in Surf Scenarios! Last year, this was the second most popular talk, and subscribers appreciated how candid- and opinionated- I was. So, expect more of both this year!

April 6th Interview with Craig Cantelmo

Van staal Craig! Former owner and long time operator of Van Staal Reels, Craig is a current national sales manager for Pure Fishing, who now owns Van Staal and many other top-level fishing brands. Craig is an absolute treasure trove of experiences, and our sole boat fisherman for this year’s seminar (don't worry, he surf fishes too). He fishes all up and down the north east, and the world, but his home is New York. Craig also is someone regularly pursues all kinds of other species besides striped bass. This will be my first interview with Craig, and I can’t wait to dig in and learn from this living legend!


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