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Tools of the Trade; All Hail The Slug-Go

Fisherman often write about "confidence". They talk about how important is to have confidence in your plugs, your spots, your presentations, your gear, and even your skill. And there's good reason for this- I believe it strongly myself. If you aren't confident and enthusiastic about what you're doing, you're apt to 1) make mistakes and 2) give up. Whenever you reach for a lure you should know exactly how to work it for the best efficacy given the situation in front of you. Yes, none of us know everything, we can constantly learn. I often still feel like I know nothing! But, I have a good number of plugs that I am very confident in, and feel I know how to work extremely effectively under a myriad of different situations.

The Lunker City Slug-Go is one of those plugs. This is one that I have insane confidence in. If the conditions are right- which is a huge swath of them- the Slug-Go simply catches fish end of story. When all else fails, put on a Slug-Go. Period. I'll make one more note- notice how I rig them. This is, in my opinion, the only way to fish them. It's a lot about how and where I fish, and what I like to do, but those things being said, I still think fishing them weightless and weedless is the most natural presentation and voids all other rigging options in the surf (not on a boat, not in an inlet or canal situation).

If you don't have any, you need to stop reading and go buy some right now.

Here's some vintage footage with the creator to get you excited.

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