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Video is LIVE and Announcement of Weekly Reports

For the video today, I'm posting a brief synopsis of my thoughts on headlamps. Sorry neck light guys, this probably won't be for you. I have tried about a dozen headlamps and three or four brands, and I've arrived at the conclusion that (for the money) the Princeton Tec Quad Tactical is the light for me. In the video, I detail why.

Also, I'd like to announce that Dave Anderson of the The Fisherman has asked me to provide weekly "insider tips" on what is going on in surf fishing. I'll provide (general) thoughts and a report on what is happening in the surf from the previous week, and perhaps a few thoughts on what I think the upcoming week will look like from my perspective as a road-warrior-plug-and-fly-surf-fisherman. These will be out on Thursdays in The Fisherman weeklies "Connecticut Reports" section, under Dave's by-line. I may summarize my thoughts here at times too. Don't go looking for specifics of where I fish; you won't find it there or here!

Things should really start heating up this week, and after being pulled in a bunch of other directions, I'll be digging into the surf this week.


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