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Tools of the Trade: Some Sub-Surface Metal Lips

Hope everyone weathered the storm last night. It was pretty intense at my place, and we lost power for about 12 hours, and internet service for about 5. Nothing like having no power in the middle of a pandemic, just to make sure you're really miserable.

Actually, it wasn't so bad. I shouldn't complain. We have two generators- one small, one large- so the essentials were covered, and I dove into seasons 1 and 2 of King of Queens, which was a fun throw-back.

Anyways, this week should really get things moving on all fronts for fishing. With the storm gone by and the weather looking mild and sunny (although not as warm as I'd like) I think we'll start seeing more Stripers being caught in New England and I wouldn't be surprised to hear of the first ones hitting the Vineyard. Freshwater should also really get in a swing, and I intend on trying to fish every day this week in some body of water. Yesterday was trout, today will be LMB.

Enjoy this Tuesdays video. I feel like I rushed this one a bit, and could have included more information and talked more about these plugs. I don't use them a ton- maybe 30-40% of nights I throw them, and I bet they account for 25% or less of my fish- but I find them really fun. There's just something about fishing big subsurface wood- that THUMP THUMP THUMP they make on your line, and the huge profile they provide. And an A40 style is actually a pretty versatile plug as well- deep, shallow, rough, calm, current, flat...they work in all those conditions and more.

I need to now film a whole new set of videos, and will start today. I appreciate everyone who has reached out to me to ask questions and give suggestions. Some of your suggestions are good ones, and I probably already have enough ideas to last the rest of 2020.


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