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Tools of the Trade: Needle Fish

Hope everyone is doing OK out there. This week has been a bit more stressful than last, primarily because fishing access seems to be being closed down more and more in light of COVID. I know that beach parking for MA is now closed, and all state beaches and lands are closed in RI, and beaches are closed in NH as well. While this doesn't stop me, it does slow me down and a couple spots are now going to be tricky to access- which means they'll probably just go unfished this spring for me.

The timing couldn't be worse either, as I have a hunch that there will be surf Stripers in Rhode Island next week.

Anyways, here's the latest Tools of the Trade video. It's a pretty long one. Little surprised I had so many options to show you, as you'll hear in the video.

Tuesday the next one will be much shorter, and I hope to have 3 for you next week including another fly or tackle video.

Enjoy, and everyone stay safe and make some time for yourself in these stressful days.


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