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Tools of the Trade Video #2: Treble Hook "Review"

Just in case you missed my last post, this is a new series I'm starting examining what lures I use in the surf to pursue Striped Bass, and some of the associated tackle and gear. This isn't intended to all encompassing, and initially I didn't think these would have many instructional components to them. They were really just designed to address the frequent "what plug do you use for X" and "what colors do you like of plug Y" questions I have been getting at seminars and via direct messages on Instagram and Facebook. However, as is pretty typical of me, I end up getting off on tangents and providing numerous tips and tricks I use with whatever I'm showing you in the video.

I'm already breaking off on somewhat of a side-bar with this video. I did a lot of filming over several days last week, and this was one of the very first videos I did. I think that hooks are downplayed a lot, or at least not discussed as often among those less experienced anglers. A lot of focus is put on rods, lures, and reels- and hooks remain forgotten. I think that's because they're not very exciting; not in the way that a shiny new reel is. But, ultimately, they're probably more important than just about any other component in the "tackle chain"- the line is the only other candidate for this distinction.

If you've got questions, feel free to comment, or send me a message on IG or FB. If you've got a video in mind, no harm in asking either; I've got 9 of 17 ideas filmed, but would like to keep this going all year so willing to entertain answering specifics, if you've got them.


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